Enicar puts Safety First ! depending on the kit you choose you will always have another "set of eyes" on the road. Enicar Basic and Enicar Gold both come with a backup camera that will open up a 170 degree view from the rear end of the vehicle, thus helping you avoid obstacles while in reverse. Enicar 360 and Enicar Premium both come with a much more sophisticated camera system. With a combination of 4 cameras each specifically dedicated and installed in the correct position, a new perspective is created. The Front, Rear, Left & Right views are "stitched" together to form the "360° Birds Eye View" of the vehicles perimeter. This innovative visual technique assists greatly with maneuvering so it will always be easy to navigate those tight spots. Other functions of the 360° layout will allow the singular view of each camera and for your safety and comfort the backup camera will turn on automatically once shifted to reverse and the same will happen with the left and right views once signaling to one of the directions. With upcoming Software updates we are bringing some new features to the 360° Birds Eye View camera system. The new features will include "Accident Recording" at a push of a button and "Fender Bender Activation", a feature that will automatically start recording once the system senses an impact to the vehicle while it is parked.  

Enicar taps into various systems in the vehicle keeping them constantly monitored and providing status Data and alerts upon error detection. Coming soon we will offer the option to add tire pressure sensors to the system for a complete real time overview of the vehicle's safety status.  

With the central door locking system and electric window control you will always have command of the vehicle`s openings status, thus ensuring the safety of your passengers.