Enicar Connected LLC was created as a family business with a vision of bringing modern technology to the world of Classic Cars & Hot Rods. The idea was born out of a personal desire and necessity of having the abilities we know from the present in the vehicles we love from the past.

Co founder Ittai Racine was born with a deep passion of moving mechanical objects of all sorts. From planes to trains and From boats to trucks with a strong connection to classic cars. after receiving his BSc in physics, together with father and Industrial Eng. Michael, they established a small award winning company for automation technology. During this time the passion for classic cars has spread to the rest of the family and a modest collection of cars was formed with each vehicle dismantled and rebuilt in the family's garage.

The one thing that was always missing in these builds was the modern technology or more accurately a comfortable easy and affordable way of having this technology implemented in the old cars. Up until now the only way of having the technology we know from Today's modern cars was to buy separate expensive devices that require multiple time consuming installations resulting in a cluttered cabin and a non coherent uncomfortable system. Ittai was fast to identify this problem and in mid 2014 around the family dinner table the initial idea of Enicar was presented. with the strong support of mother Edna the men of the family engaged the research and development phase.

In late 2017 as the Enicar system started taking shape and with younger brother and Architect Guy officially joining the team the Enicar system with its unique Interface and capabilities was presented for the first time at the SEMA show.

The work of the 3 men has resulted in a system that brings a whole new world of comfort, Safety, Security and Entertainment to a much needing market. Enicar is not just an extensive set of tools but a fresh breath of life to the souls of beauties from the past eras.

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