Enicar is developed and designed with an “All In One” approach in a way that provides very comfortable & easy access and control of all its various functions, providing a modern & fresh driving experience aimed to maximize your vehicle`s potential. This approach can be noticed in all aspects of the Enicar design, the user interface layout permits direct access and activation of all the main functionalities without the hassle of searching the right menu for the operation you want to execute. With Enicar there is no need of installing multiple devices and monitors in order to have all the features Enicar offers. Enicar is the only aftermarket device that contains all the Infotainment, Safety and Security features you need for your vehicle with the extended comfort of installing a single device.        

Enicar Keeps you connected to your car from any mobile device. Once the remote capabilities are in full function* it will allow you to access and operate the system anytime from any place. The remote functionalities will permit remote ignition, climate control setup, infotainment center control, access to the camera system, central locking and additional GPIO controls. In addition, the remote application will provide system status monitoring and security notifications no matter where you are in the world !   

* Remote features are still undergoing software development and will become fully functional via upcoming software updates.