Enicar Is a fully integrated Infotainment system with a cellular Data connection providing a vast variety of entertainment and utility possibilities enabling you to arrive safely to your destination in the most comfortable way possible whilst on the go.

The built-in Hi-Fi system delivers your favorite tunes straight from your Personal Media Library. With several possible memory size options you will always have the right storage space that matches your needs. The FM and WEB radio functions complete the musical needs of every taste with a wide variety of channels to choose from. Music is not the only media Enicar will play for you, your personal video collection can be uploaded to the device. In addition TV and Movies can both be streamed from online databases.

Any Infotainment System is not complete without GPS navigation. Enicar has its own integrated navigation system helping you find the best route to your destination.

One of the main features of the Enicar system is Connectivity. Once a SIM* card with an activated Data plan is inserted into the Enicar device you immediately gain access to a variety of online possibilities right from your vehicle, from direct Internet access to Remote Controlled functions you will always be connected. In addition to the SIM card, the main processing unit provides a live WiFi connection. This allows the system to connect with accessible WiFi networks and minimize the usage of the SIM's Data plan. The connectivity features do not end here. Bluetooth connectivity allows additional connectivity possibilities some of which are already implemented and some to arrive via future software updates. Software updates will arrive periodically and will contain a wide variety of new features, design options and innovation as the system is constantly evolving.

The Enicar system was designed on an Android operating system and is an Android platform. With all the functions we included in the Enicar Dashboard we still wanted to give you more, you will be able to use the device similar to a normal tablet and install a selection of third party applications for a complete and extensive experience.

* On available networks only.